Can I get my backup files?​

Can I get my backup files?​

Unless utilising the upgraded service to place backups on your own cloud or FTP storage space for an additional R220 per month, the backups are not available.

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      Our monthly report includes this information, rolled up to provide a useful monthly overview. In order to provide SEO information in the report, we need to be provided with the list of SEO keywords the site uses. This will be from whomever assists ...
    • How do I get changes made to my site?​

      Some packages have a number of hours per month allocated to “content assistance”, which is what we term changing content or structure of a site. Each request is managed separately, and timed as the work is done. The minimum duration is 15 minutes per ...
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      Currently, all backups are stored in AWS Cloud Servers in the USA. If a customer requires a local backup, to FTP or alternative cloud service (DropBox, Drive, etc.), this can be arranged for an additional R220 per month.