Can I upgrade, downgrade or change my subscription?​

Can I upgrade, downgrade or change my subscription?​

Of course.

To Upgrade or Downgrade:

  1. go to your subscriptions tab on your Account, Subscriptions

  2. select the subscription, click the corresponding View button on the right
  3. Click on the Upgrade or Downgrade button
  4. Select a new package by clicking Select Options next to the new package
  5. Select Sign Up Now on the product screen that opens:
  6. Proceed with the checkout. Note that your invoice will include a pro rata amount for the rest of the billing cycle.
  7. You will receive email notification once payment is processed.
  8. In your account, you will notice the previous order was cancelled

Our system is intended to cover all areas of site management, but we understand that customers have their own set of requirements that might not fit to our products, and as such we are committed to at the very least attempting to accommodate all reasonable requests.

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