How do I get SEO and Analytics information?​

How do I get SEO and Analytics information?​

Our monthly report includes this information, rolled up to provide a useful monthly overview.

In order to provide SEO information in the report, we need to be provided with the list of SEO keywords the site uses.

This will be from whomever assists with SEO in your business.Analytics info we get by embedding a code into your site that collects this data.

Likewise for Google Analytics, we need you to share your website property with  This information will then be added to your monthly report.

To do this, please follow this guide:

  1. Go to: (Login if requested)
  2.  Click the Admin (bottom left)
  3. Select User Management (more or less middle of the screen)
  4.  Click the big blue + in the top right:
  5. Select Add Users
  6. Type in the box provided, and leave all tick boxes as they are
  7. Click Add at the top right
  8. That's it! Thank you.
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