What if my site gets hacked?​

What if my site gets hacked?​

In the highly unlikely event of your site being hacked, we will repair or restore the site at no cost to you.

We take our job seriously, and the preventative measures we put in place are solid.  We have strategies in place to minimise the damage that can be done.

Bottom line, if you get hacked, we fix it immediately and for FREE

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    • How do I know the status of my site?​

      We provide a monthly report, per site, on all aspects of our service in detail. You know when backups happened, when security checks occurred and their results, updates that have been applied, and a ton of other valuable information. We have a team ...
    • What if I pick up an error on my site?​

      Each package has "Emergency Support"  which is what we have put in place for errors or problems relating to the site.  Errors are treated at priority 1, and can be added by adding a ticket , or emailing support@radiantweb.co.za  NOTE: This does not ...
    • How do I get changes made to my site?​

      Some packages have a number of hours per month allocated to “content assistance”, which is what we term changing content or structure of a site. Each request is managed separately, and timed as the work is done. The minimum duration is 15 minutes per ...
    • What Payment Gateway do you use?​

      We use PayFast.co.za, who provide a very robust payment gateway with sufficient payment methods. Same gateway as Takealot! Click their logo below to go to their site.
    • How does the security audit work?​

      On a regular basis as defined by the product you select, our system probes the site for file changes, malware, and any other potential compromise using Securi. Additionally, we always install security plugins that provide additional protection by ...